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Tantric massage is a magical infusion of both body work and healing. It is a sacred practice masterfully curated by Jo designed to awaken your sexuality, dissolve stress and amplify pleasure.

Tantric bodywork sessions are known for their miraculous transformations, in deepening the connecting to the body, as well as aiding you to become a world class lover, through increased presence, duration and sensitivity.

A few benefits of tantric massage are as follows:

- Lasting longer in bed

- Being able to be present with your partner so that you both feel deeply connected to one another and as a result, feeling more pleasure

- Reaching ecstatic orgasmic states in the body, as you awaken your sexual kundalini / sexual energy

- Becoming a better lover

- Promote full body healing, letting go of dead and stagnant energy in the body

- Relieve stress in the body finding peace, balance and serenity

- Expanding your capacity to hold and feel more pleasure in the body

Sex is a sacred art, of which, when we learn to cultivate it, can become deeply empowering and enriching for our lives.

Please see my packages below for different levels of sexual mastery:


AWaken your sexual energy 

Think of this as a beautiful introduction to tantric massage and sacred sexuality. Here is where you come face to face, with the potent power of your own sexuality, and feel the kundalini rising within you.

This offering is for those that wish to experience the awakening of their kundalini for the first time whilst dissolving stagnant energy, old stress and creating space for new vitality.

1 session = 2 hours £450

Master your sexual energy

This is the go-to package for those who are truly seeking to master the art of sexuality; Not just your own, but also that of others.

During our 3 months together (where I give you my undivided and specially catered attention) I will teach you, not only how to master your own pleasure, but techniques that will empower you to become the most magnetic and unstoppable lover there is.

This package combines a sacred trio of tantric experiences, energy healing, as well as state-of-the-art education.

By the end of our time together, you will have deep dived into a new realm of sensuality, pleasure and sacred sexual knowledge; mastered the art of sexuality.

3 months, 6 sessions, £3333

heal your sexual energy 

This is a deep cleansing and healing of a lifetimes worth of stagnant energy and stress trapped in the body; causing you to feel blocked within your sexuality.

With dissolving these old stagnant energies, we clear a pathway, for new, fresh vitality and sexual energy to emerge; resulting in increased libido, joy and overall flow.

Throughout this process, I will be using carefully curated de-armouring techniques as well as energy channelling, resulting in an explosion of pure pleasure & rejuvenation.

This package comes with gifts to support you in your sacred sexual awakening.

3 sessions = 7.5 hours £1500

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