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I am here to ignite your erotic energy so you can have a more fulfilling, happy and nourishing sex life.


It's my purpose to help you feel deeply connected to your body through different tantric practices so that you can feel more pleasure, aliveness and joy.


When you ignite your erotic energy, it gives you power which makes you feel alive and confident inside and outside of the bedroom.  It's the source of your pleasure and unlocks your desires while strengthening your intuition. When you direct it into your creativity and your soul’s purpose you can manifest your desires.


I am passionate about the space that lies in between spirituality and sexuality and how we can have subliminal transcendental experiences that bring us closer to God, ourselves and our partner.


I am here to love you unconditionally so that you can drop deeper into the present moment which helps you to awaken your erotic life force energy.


It's my mission to bring a quality and depth of love, touch and presence so that you have permission to be fully expressed, seen and heard.  


Love transcends and it's only when we open our hearts that we can have experiences that really fulfil our lives.

Hi, I'm Jo

Founder of the Tantric Lover and The Tantra Lounge.

In my early thirties I was fed up with having unfulfilling sexual experiences with men. 

I embarked into the world of conscious sexuality and learnt alot about how powerful sexual energy is; how to communicate my boundaries - because I realised I didn't really have any, and I wanted to create a life that was filled with pleasure as i was constantly living from deprivation. 


I grew up in a strict religious household and carried shame and guilt around pleasure and sex.. I was taught that sex was only there for pro-creation when married and that pleasure was something that needed to earnt.


These distorted beliefs created dysfunctional patterns in my relationships with men and kept me in a cycle of deprivation and lack.


It was a game changer when I discovered that I could receive pleasure and it wasn't transatactional.  It changed my reality and relationship to pleasure, that I could ask for what I want and I did not need to give anything back.


I’ve learnt that having unrealistic expectations is a huge relationship killer and that by stepping into and owning my power gives me sovereignty and freedom in my sexuality to create my reality that fills me up.


My life has changed because I am able to access my truth in my body through different tantric practices. I am able to communicate vulnerably, which creates a depth to my relationships that feel loving, authentic and nourishing.


I feel seen in my relationships because I have been able to meet myself in the most painful and darkest places.


When I fully stepped into darkness, only then could I feel and experience the light and beauty life has to offer.  


I am here to help you magnetise delicious, juicy, heartfelt and loving intimate experiences. I know that you didn't sign up for a mediocre life, nor did I babe, that's why I am going to guide you. Are you ready?

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